Become a Bee host and let us take care of all that Beekeeper business at our site.

$199 setup fee + $33 monthly 


We'll send you a personalized web link where yo can access information on your hive.

Not only will you see updates on your hives progress but you'll see regularily updated pictures of your queen in your hive as well as her bees.

Every hive looks different depending on the type of honeybees as well as the genetics of the queen and the drone she maited with. In the spring we create new hives by introducing young queens to honeybees we have split from existing hives. Watch them develope and your hive grow from the comfort of your own home!

To top it all off at the end of the year you will recieve 20 jars of delicous honey directly from your hive!


In addition the Bee Company takes care of:


  • Hive installation
  • Hive Feeding 
  • Regualr Hive Maintenance
  • Hive Inspection Reports
  • Hive registration, OMAFRA inspections & ongoing reporting requirements.

  • Honey Extraction
  • Honey Bottling, Labelling & Home Delivery
  • Hive Winterization


Host a Hive at Bee Company Apiaries