Are you a local non profit or community organization interested in hosting a Hive?

We have a program that pairs community groups with corporate sponsors to cover the costs of hive installation and maintenance.

Fill out the form below and submit your application for consideration.

We'll get to work matching you with one of our upstanding corporate citizens.

Once your application is processed and a potential match found we will confirm the suitability of the realtionship with both parties.


$1.00 Registration Fee


The community hosting package includes:


  • Hive installation
  • Regualr Hive Maintenance
  • 2 Group Education Sessions with community members at the hive location
  • Hive Inspection Reports
  • Hive registration, OMAFRA inspections & ongoing reporting requirements.

  • Honey Extraction
  • Honey Bottling and Custom Labelling
  • Hive Winterization


Host a Hive for Community Organizations - Application